Patient Resources

Queenan Family Medicine & Maternity Care

Managing Chronic Pain Guideline from Family Physicians

Headache Diary

Sleep Diary

Healthy Sleep

Bladder Diary

Elimination diet

Adult ADHD self-report form

Decision Balance form

Breathing Exercise


Knee osteoarthritis exercises

Asthma action plan

Mindful eating handout

CFPC Prevention in Hand Tips for Wellness

MoodGYM Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program

Palouse Mindfulness Free Online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course

Lightbox Selection Criteria for treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County

Advanced Care Planning Workbook from the CFPC

Resources for Canadians Living with High Blood pressure

Forks Over Knives: Resources for Plant-Based Living

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies: Information and Resources on Plant-Based Nutrition

SuperBetter: a framework that activates the psychological strengths of game play to build resilience and success in real life developed by Jane McGonigal

Understanding Medical Assistance in Dying from the Canadian Virtual Hospice

It’s a plan: Helping you make decisions about contraception, from the SOGC

Sex & U: Your trusted resource for sexual and reproductive health, from the SOGC The facts on menstruation from Canada’s experts from the SOGC The facts on menopause from Canada’s experts from the SOGC

Clinical Guide to Probiotic Products Available in Canada

Immunize Canada: information for parents, adolescents, and adults regarding vaccinations recommended by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI)

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