New Patients

Queenan Family Medicine & Maternity Care

Welcome to Queenan Family Medicine & Maternity Care!


Before your first appointment with Dr Queenan, please print and fill out the following forms (choosing adult or infant/child as applicable) to bring with your health card to your first appointment; if you are unable to fill these out at home, please arrive 15 minutes or so early to your first appointment so that you can fill them out prior to your visit. These forms serve an important purpose in helping to optimize your time with Dr Queenan. If you need assistance in filling out the forms, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please also bring a list of your medications with dosage instructions to your first visit.

We are sorry to say that Dr Queenan is unable to accept new patients other than household family members of existing patients. She also accepts patients referred for consultation for palliative care, medical assistance in dying, reproductive health care including long-term contraception placement and medication abortions, and care to gender diverse patients, including transition related care. She provides prenatal care to patients in the GBGH Prenatal Clinic and attends deliveries at Georgian Bay General Hospital. Please see the hospital website for more details.  

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