Dr. Emily Queenan

  • Doctor
  • Email:  DrEmily@Queenan.ca

Dr Emily Queenan grew up in Haverford, Pennsylvania in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where she returned for medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. She then moved to Rochester, NY for her family medicine residency at the University of Rochester; shortly after residency, she opened the first iteration of Queenan Family Medicine & Maternity Care, and had a flourishing solo family practice from 2009 until 2014. However, with a heavy heart, she closed the practice in 2014 because she had become worn out dealing with the injustice of the American health insurance system. She looked north to a society that valued health care as a human right and not a commodity, and was intrigued to experience Canada’s single-payer system first hand.

She moved to Canada in August 2015, where she joined The Village Clinic in Penetanguishene, ON. She moved from The Village Clinic to open a solo practice in June 2017. Dr Emily Queenan moved from the States to Midland, ON with her husband, Rick Queenan, and their 3 young sons, Rowen, Riley, and Aidyn. She met Rick in her second year of medical school, and he has been her steadfast companion through the turbulent seas of a life in medicine since. Rick is an artist, trained in illustration, but for now his time is consumed by life as a stay-at-home dad; he is the foundation upon which the Queenan family rests. The boys were born during Dr Queenan’s residency and chief resident year and in her first years of solo practice. The boys are loving life in Canada, having quickly settled into their school, Burkevale School in Penetanguishene. They also quickly became consumed by all things Canadian, hockey in particular; less than a year into their Canadian life, they were already considering themselves more Canadian than American! As a family, they enjoy being outside and going exploring together. Dr Emily Queenan very much enjoys all things active, and can often be found doing CrossFit workouts at The Garage in Penetanguishene, going on runs with the Sunday Runday group, or doing yoga at The Yoga House in Penetanguishene or at Retreat Yoga in Midland. She balances this activity with time for rest and centering by cultivating a regular mindfulness meditation practice.