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If you are an established patient of Dr. Emily Queenan, please click the button below to schedule an appointment. When scheduling an appointment, you will be asked to create a Medeo account if you do not already have one; please note that you must have a valid email address and health card number in order to do this. Each person registered with the practice must have a Medeo account in order to use this functionality.

If you are running into any technical difficulties with scheduling an appointment, please contact Medeo tech support here.

You will have a choice to book a virtual/telephone visit or an in-person assessment (an office appointment). If requesting a virtual/telephone visit, please indicate whether you have the technical capabilities to do a video visit, or whether you are requesting a telephone visit instead; if requesting a telephone visit, please indicate your preferred phone number. Once your appointment request is reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to connect at the time of the visit.

It is important to note that an email address can only be registered with one Medeo account; this may create a problem if you share an email address with another family member or if you are creating an account for a family member who does not have an email address, including children. In order for each family member to have a Medeo account, we recommend creating an alias email address for any dependents or spouses who share your email address. An alias is an email address that is a unique address, but for which all email is automatically forwarded to the primary email account. To learn how to create an alias address please follow the step here for your email host. Please see also further information from Medeo here.

Queenan Family Medicine & Maternity Care is committed to providing timely and convenient access to care, so if you do not find an appropriate appointment, please call us at (705) 245-3330 ext #3 and choose the urgent line by selecting option 1 at the prompt.

This scheduling system is not for emergency medical care; please do not delay emergency care, but call 911 or go to your closest emergency room.

For patients of Dr. Queenan:
Please advise that our online Medeo scheduling is temporarily on hold, while we are resolving technical difficulties associated with our move. Please call our office at (705) 245-3330 ext #3 if you are wishing to schedule an appointment. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working diligently to have these issues resolved. Thank you for your understanding.

Virtual visits with Dr Queenan


Dr Queenan offers care through virtual visits to patients of her practice; these may be done via telephone or secure video. Secure video visits are preferred to telephone visits in order to support effective communication and to allow a visual physical exam. Secure video visits are done through a platform which is integrated with our medical record called Medeo. You will receive an email confirmation once your appointment has been accepted; this email will include a link to sign in to your Medeo account – this is where you will connect into your virtual visit once signed in. If Dr Queenan is with another patient at the time you sign in, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room and will be invited to connect when she becomes available.

Medeo HealthMail Secure Messaging


Your Medeo account also allows you to securely receive the results of labs, imaging studies, and other studies, along with other communications. This will also allow secure yet convenient communication about any non-urgent concerns (Dr Queenan will respond within one-two business days to portal messages). Please check your email junk folder if you have not received an expected communication.