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Queenan Family Medicine & Maternity Care

Our Mission

  • Queenan Family Medicine & Maternity Care is founded upon the intention of providing patient centered collaborative care in a vital and sustainable practice. Dr Queenan believes that it is in relationship that healing happens, so the support of positive therapeutic relationships is central. The practice is structured to support the qualities of effective primary care: efficiency, access, continuity, care collaboration, and comprehensiveness of care.

Services Offered

  • Dr Queenan is a family doctor who provides full-spectrum primary care, that is primary care for all ages, along with non-surgical gynecological care and low-risk obstetrical care; she attends deliveries at Georgian Bay General Hospital.
  • She is particularly interested in supporting normal physiologic birth, informed by both her medical training and her training as a doula, a woman who supports women in labor, delivery, and the postpartum period.
  • As part of full spectrum reproductive health care, Dr Queenan offers IUD insertion, Nexplanon contraceptive implant insertion, and medication abortion services, that is counseling regarding and termination of pregnancies of up to 10 wks gestation with Mifegymiso (mifepristone and misoprostol).
  • She also has professional interest and added training in transgender medicine, and is happy to provide care to gender diverse patients, including providing transition-related care.
  • She also has particular interest and experience in hospice and palliative care, and is honoured to work with patients and families during this time of life.
  • Dr Queenan’s care is informed by her training in integrative and holistic medicine. That is to say that she aims to approach patients as whole people, not merely the sum of their parts, and is able to integrate a variety of modalities into a patient’s treatment plan as is desired by the patient and clinically indicated; these modalities include herbal medications, nutritional supplements, bodywork including chiropractic care and massage, mind-body modalities including meditation and hypnosis and yoga and tai chi, and spiritual and energy work including acupuncture and reiki. She freely collaborates with integrative providers including naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.

Our Team

  • Dr. Emily Queenan



    Dr Emily Queenan grew up in Haverford, Pennsylvania in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where she returned fo

    Laura Harbocian

    Medical Office Admin


    Laura was born and raised in Muskoka, on the Green River.  In her free time, she loves to be outdoors, w

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